Laws of the Earth

What is given, shall be taken away.

This is a law of the earth.

One day there will be tears,

One day there will be hurt,

And the laughter will not burn out

It will haunt your halls on lonely nights

And you will die a little with every echo born of their walls.

There is no salvation here.



Ghost Eyes

I am the one 

Who had seven hands

Who had seven stars

Who had seven plans

I’m not the one

That you’re waiting for

Break the skin where it begins and burn in sleep for sure

I am the one 

With shaking hands

With shaking heart

And empty plans

I am the one

With the broken keys

Retrace your steps with stones and bread, and drain your eyes of me


Bright White

Bright white and painless, this is          

Pride, preach, and harvest from wrist    

Sold short, but shameless, you see        

Street sheets of godless for thee

 Lean, tall, and faceless, come near    

Tripped, trite,  and faultless, my dear  

Drowned deep in baseless physique  

Dripped dry of calming deceit 

Flung, and traceless into fire                          

Fall on nails as hymns conspire             

Glass eyes hide what will not be

Bright white

Bright white in me


Ivory, Glass, and Wood

 To comb a lonely precipice              

With commonplace embarrassments    

Leap to shore                                              

Cast their wishes                                           

And heed their harlots shell

Watch gossip girls pretend they should      

in beads of ivory, glass, and wood            

and stain their shame with hyena veins     

to search for further hells

To cry, to blame, to scoff, and frame,            

to choke, to gag, and murder,                       

To write their names with legs of cranes,

there is no pain much further

To will, to won’t, to do and don’t                  

we can’t, but wish we could                         

We only draw from our own chests       

with ivory, glass, and wood