Divine Purpose

Some people are only here

To have others witness

Them being devoured 

By their thoughts

In hopes that they can

Find a better ending



Steak Knives and Sleeping Pills

He knocked twice

Soft enough to be ignored 

And waited

Part of him hoped you wouldn’t hear

The door creaked open

A sliver

Then wider

You swayed a little

And waited for your eyes to catch up

Naked as the day you were born

You didn’t say a word

But turned around

And went back to bed

He stood in the doorway

Staring at his feet

And didn’t realize he was shaking his head

He stepped over the evidence

And walked straight to the bathroom

He undressed

He washed his face

And stared in the mirror

For what seemed like hours

He climbed into bed

This was the moment he had been dreading

“I love you”

You sighed half-heartedly

“What’s my name?”

He asked


He could have been anyone

He didn’t sleep that night

He just stared at the ceiling 

And for a moment

He couldn’t tell

If he was crying

Or laughing


Something Or Other

You had food stuck to your chin

And you talked through the entire


Unconsciously cackling 

At inopportune moments

He did his best to hide his wincing

And smile

He kept thinking

About the handful of pills you gulped

During dinner

“I can’t take them on an empty stomach”

He noticed people shift their eyes

Towards you at times

And whisper

Turning around once in sight

He wondered what they were saying

And if it was what he already knew

From your first exchange

This was painfully familiar… 

It poured 

More than it had in months

He refused to be trapped

And insisted on walking back to his car

In the rain

He watched the water rush over his feet

And remembered that someone had

Recently told him

That you can drown 

In only a few inches

He grinned to himself

And the thought left his mind

As quickly as it came

He felt like such a bastard

He felt that way a lot lately

And then the sadness drifted in

Because he realized

That you were both trying your best


Fever Dreams

​I can see it

If I try really hard

Like watching an overly dramatic soap opera

Red lipstick

Glistening brows


And unnatural chirps gasp behind

Fighting for their purpose

But knowing it has ended temporarily

As weightless and clear headed as the beginning

Drifting up through brick and mortar

Never imagining being pulled this direction

No time

No finality

Feet abruptly find balance


Someone calls gently from nearby

It could have been miles away

“What did you learn?”

To which he replied 


“I learned absolutely nothing.”

I can see it

If I try really hard