Numb and blind to chance

Your sight had been altered forever

It would not be found

It was unknown if that would even be allowed

Given the opportunity

But there can be honor in persistence

The future could be seen clearly

There was still a hope

But a strange comfort in resignation as well

Some days were light

And there were those

That collapsed in on one another

Deteriorating from your own stillness

Inside out

Living through the triumphs of others

And bleeding along with their failures

Trying hard to avoid your own

It could be a good distraction

Time didn’t really matter

Falsehood in human connection

Was agonizingly obvious

Only worth what can be stolen

There was no great reward in the end

In the current state of influence

Integrity is punished

More often than not

And you begged

like a starving child

For someone

Or something

To change your mind about all of it
-James Rooks


Author: James Rooks

Tumblr - oblivioncrimes

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